I'm pro free speech, private property, and meritocracy.

  • Launching, a VC network for idea/prototype stage startups.
  • Created the Ultimate Personality Test at ClearerThinking with Spencer Greenberg: It gives your Big 5, Enneagram and MBTI-style traits in 12 mins .
  • Building, a survey to get cost estimates of your home renovation.

My past gig was distilling x-risks like engineered pandemics into quizzes at In my free time, I enjoy calculating the weekday of someone’s birth. Now, I’m in Montpellier, but I’ve also called Turin, London, Berlin, Maastricht, Bergen, Paris, Lisbon, Menton, and Tallinn home.

My friends call me Doc, even though the real doctor is my girlfriend. Here’s some of my stuff:
  • Biosafety Quiz — A journey that spans from biological warfare to today’s pressing biosafety challenges.
  • Day of the Week — Who said math can’t be fun? Learn this party trick and watch jaws drop.
  • Erik — A 70-year-old legend shares his incredible journey on the 260 km Marathon des Sables.
  • The Everything Bubble —Published in Oct ’21, right before the crash, and to the day, 92 years after Black Tuesday of ’29.
  • How to Help Farmed Animals — My favorite of my 12 wikiHow articles on pressing problems.

Say hello to a new connection and shoot me an email. It’s andre at quizmanity dot org. I promise — I don’t bite!

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